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Merger Management Academy

Equipping leaders for merger integration success

Mergers are difficult. Successful integration requires leaders and employees from distinct organizations—sometimes even competitors—to align on common strategic goals, reporting relationships, business processes and cultural norms. That’s a tall order.
Merger Management Academy helps organizations develop the leadership capabilities required to achieve integration success. We provide just-in-time learning for all leaders involved in a merger — delivered through in-person workshops and digital modules — to ensure they capture the deal’s value.

Our approach

We work with the top team, integration team and NewCo leadership to help them prepare for and navigate integration-specific situations.

Top team

Pre-close, we convene the top team in a series of workshops designed to accelerate trust-building and help leaders think through key integration topics like strategic vision, performance goals and culture.

Integration leaders

During the planning period, our readiness programs help integration leaders prepare for each step of the merger and provide direct access to some of the industry’s most accomplished integration experts.

NewCo leadership

We design and deliver custom programs to unify and mobilize the new leadership team (starting with the top 100-250), raise their expectations for the newly combined company, and upskill on required leadership mindsets and behaviors.

Why Merger Management Academy

Deep understanding of your business context

We understand each organization’s context, goals and challenges, and we craft targeted programs that are directly linked to the drivers of your deal’s value.

Changing behavior

Our programs change day-to-day behaviors through a broad range of techniques including digital courses, in-person workshops, go-and-see visits, coaching and “train the trainer” support.

Merger expertise

Our programs draw from the deep expertise of McKinsey’s Merger Management Practice, which has done more than 3,000 M&A projects in the last five years.

Industry perspectives

Capability building in mergers

Industry experts share their perspectives on why capability building is critical for leaders involved in mergers

Our Impact

Transforming post-merger culture to catalyze strategy shift

A 120-year-old engineering firm acquired a software company to drive its new customer-centric solution strategy. To inject innovation, speed and agility into the culture, the CEO needed to equip leaders with the capabilities and mindsets needed to lead the new organization.

McKinsey Academy co-developed a blended learning journey to help the C-Suite establish a new leadership model aligned with strategic and cultural priorities. As a result of the program, the company over-delivered on announced synergies by 3X and outperformed the market by 35 percent.

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