Develop your people’s commercial capabilities for above-market, sustained growth

Driving and sustaining growth requires sales and marketing teams to change the way they work. Short activity bursts—like training workshops—often fail to move the needle in the long term. Lasting change requires a more comprehensive and strategic approach to cultivate the skills that matter and embed the learning into the organization’s strategy. 
Growth Academy helps organizations build world-class commercial capabilities required for their long-term growth. Our customized learning journeys are tied to an organization’s strategic goals, designed around proven learning science, and deployed in a way that shifts mind-sets and behaviors for lasting impact.

Our Focus Areas

Our programs are designed for all commercial functions—both individual and cross-cutting—from sales and channel to marketing, pricing, and customer experience.

Sales Academy

Drive and sustain growth by changing the way sales teams work, from leaders and managers to frontline sales teams.

Marketing Academy

Make analytics-informed marketing decisions with a global standard of excellence.

Pricing Academy

Upskill commercial organizations to capture the full impact of pricing opportunities.

Customer Experience Academy

Build capabilities to create a customer-centric culture across the enterprise

Our Approach

We partner with organizations to develop, implement, and measure end-to-end learning programs.

Our learning journeys combine multiple formal and informal experiences, such as on-the-job projects, digital courses, classroom simulations, and personalized coaching. These experiences build capabilities, shift mind-sets, and embed behaviors to drive an organization’s business goals.

Commercial expertise

Build role-specific capabilities for commercial leaders and frontline employees in key areas.

Leadership skills

Enable employees with the leadership skills required to lead commercial transformations.

Change management

Empower leaders with critical change-management skills required to change behavior across all levels of the organization

Why Growth Academy

Integrated in the organization’s strategy

We understand each organization’s context, goals, and challenges, and we craft targeted programs that directly tie to drivers of value. We embed our capability-building programs in our broader support of the organization’s commercial-transformation efforts.

Measurable impact

Our programs drive impact by changing day-to-day mind-sets and behaviors through a broad range of proven adult-learning techniques including expert and peer coaching, on-the-job observation and feedback, reflection exercises, real-time lessons, and simulations.


Our programs draw from our deep functional, technical, and leadership expertise. We’ve worked with more than 600 organizations to accelerate their commercial capabilities, supported by our 450-plus experts with industry-specific knowledge, Aberkyn leadership coaches, and McKinsey Implementation experts.

Our Impact

$450 million pipeline

created for a North American energy company by delivering a rapid global-learning program to 500-plus sales managers and sales reps.

10–30 % increase in customer satisfaction score

for a large North American bank by delivering a capability-building program at 1,300 branches to improve core in-branch routines through digital courses and certifications.

50 % shorter time to market

for an American grocer by embedding agile and design-centered approaches in the IT and digital marketing functions.

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