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Functional Academies

Building excellence in key functional areas

Functional Academies deliver comprehensive capability building programs tailored to each client’s context and functional needs. We leverage McKinsey expertise and our extensive library of learning assets to build key functional and leadership capabilities.

Our Academies

Functional Academies support and enable transformations that create real business value. We help organizations build both the soft and hard skills needed to successfully navigate major initiatives.

Growth Academy

Helps organizations build and sustain world-class commercial capabilities. We architect learning journeys that build skills in such areas as pricing, sales excellence, digital marketing and customer experience.

Operations Academies

Enables operational transformations by building the capabilities needed to achieve sustainable impact. Programs cover such topics as product development, procurement, manufacturing and supply chain, service operations and capital productivity.

Digital Academy

Empowers organizations to achieve “the art of the possible” in digital by building technical, agile execution and leadership capabilities. Skills targeted include agile teamwork, design thinking, digital marketing and customer insights.

Analytics Academy

Helps organizations capture value from advanced analytics (machine learning, AI) by building capabilities at all levels – from leadership to analytics practitioners – to improve literacy, upskill and scale analytics. 

Merger Management Academy

Equips leaders for merger integration success. We provide targeted learning for all leaders at critical points along the merger timeline to help them deliver on and sustain the deal’s value. 

Talent Value Leader Academy

Empowers HR professionals to become strategic leaders by building their skills in strategic thinking, people analytics, influencing, problem solving and effective communication needed to link talent to value.

RTS Academy

Empowers employees at all levels with the skills needed to deliver transformational change with lasting improvements in both performance and health.

Procurement Academy

Helps organizations develop sustainable, world-class procurement capabilities at all levels – from leadership to category managers and front-line employees.

Elements of our offerings

Each Functional Academy draws from a broad range of assets and channels to provide custom learning journeys that deliver lasting change.

Capability assessments 

Individual and organizational capability assessments to identify current state of key capabilities


Full scope and sequence of all key topics, for both functional and leadership skills

Learning  journeys

Curricular topics and key learning experiences to build desired capabilities for each learner cohort

Digital courses

Short, digital courses focused on priority capability topics

In-person workshops 

Interactive, facilitated workshops, with aligned field assignments, to explore new capabilities

Experiential learning

Opportunities for deeper exploration and hands-on experiences, either in person or digitally, to apply new capabilities

Coaching and “train the trainer” support

Professional offerings to enable scaling of development

Post-program capability assessments

Focused assessments of capabilities to assess impact of program

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