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Sales Academy

Sales Academy is designed to help organizations transform their sales force by building critical capacities with frontline sales managers.
Sales Manager Academy
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Frontline sales organizations see 4-6x variability between their top and bottom performers. Yet despite its importance, companies struggle to create effective sales training programs. Sales Academy drives lasting change by focusing on sales managers, giving them the necessary tools to guide, coach and manage their sales reps towards improved business performance. The program uses a data-driven approach to course design that identifies the organizational “skills that matter” linked most directly to sales ROI. It combines digital courses with complete experiential learning journeys, implementation coach support, and a tailored multi-tier certification program.

Program details

Core courses

Pipeline Management

Learn the importance of pipeline management in a healthy sales organization, and understand how sales managers can lead their reps to consistently identify, progress, and close high-quality opportunities.


Build the coaching skills essential to drive performance improvement in a sales team. Learn how to diagnose team performance, build a tailored leadership approach, and implement the tools that enable effective coaching.