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Remarkable Women Program

Based on seven years of research on women as leaders, the Remarkable Women Program is a unique opportunity to build leadership capabilities and expand one’s performance range.
Remarkable Women Program
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Grounded in participants’ own professional context, the program starts with personal mastery, builds on individual strengths, and connects rising female leaders to like-minded executives. Participants learn to lead more effectively, achieve peak performance in their organization, and gain a greater sense of fulfillment.

Our distinctive approach includes pre-work to help participants explore their sources of strength as leaders, a series of at least two forum workshops, field work to apply new skills and tools in practice, and coaching to support the implementation of personal learning plans. As a special feature, the Remarkable Women Program includes “mini-board” peer group sessions in which participants support one another in their efforts to become more centered and effective as leaders.

What participants say

“The mini-board sessions between the workshops were valuable—they made the connection between the sessions and pushed us to think through the different concepts we had talked about.”

“I have found it exhilarating, I feel really resolved to use my strengths.”

“Taking time away from work to reflect and gain insight from other professional women in similar situations was great.”

“The biggest thing for me has been renewing my confidence in my own capability and daring.”

Program details

Sample agenda

Forum 1: Lead Self

• The concept of centered leadership

• Using personal strength to find meaning

• Building self-awareness for better results

• Forging trust in relationships

• Engaging with others on one’s own terms

• Adopting a sustainable practice

Forum 2: Lead Others and the Organization

• Conveying meaning to others

• Transforming tough conversations

• Forging high-performing teams

• Increasing one’s leadership presence

• Coaching others effectively

• Using mindfulness as a leader