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Lean Academy

A program that builds capabilities deep within organizations undergoing transformations to ensure immediate value capture while sustaining lasting improvements over time.
Lean Academy
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The Lean Academy is a distinctive capability building program designed to empower individuals and enable large scale transformations in organizations. The program enables individuals, including managers, change agents, operations team leaders, and frontline staff to reflect on the way they work, discover new tools and approaches, and obtain expert advice to improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement while operating more efficiently.

What participants say

“Really helped lay the background for some big changes in how we work. It would have been intimidating without seeing this.”

“Course introduced what we are really talking about in a way that kept me from being shell-shocked when we started our journey. It was invaluable in that way.”

“Content was very good and comprehensive, and it was valuable to hear executives talk about their experiences.”

“Very well done and easy to navigate; mixture of faculty videos, executives, and interactive exercises kept me engaged.”

Program details

Core courses

Lean Management Transformations

Learn about the impact a Lean Management journey can have in an organization, and the objectives and key activities in the three phases of a Lean Management transformation wave.

Implementing the Lean Management System

Gain a deep understanding of the management objectives and the supporting tools of the Lean Management System.