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Executive Transitions Master Class

This two-day program convenes senior executives in the midst of a transition or promotion and prepares them for the challenges of their new roles.
Executive Transitions Master Class
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The Executive Transitions Master Class, attended by McKinsey partner/client pairs, is an opportunity for senior executives “in transition” to spend two days having in-depth conversations about where to take their business, how to shift the culture of their organizations, how to build a high performing top team, and how they can maximize their own individual leadership.

Based on our multi-year research effort aimed at “cracking the code” on how transitioning executives can beat the odds, the program shares the most helpful and non-obvious insights from this research in a highly interactive format. Participants will walk away with an integrated plan to get their organization working at full productivity in the desired direction as quickly as possible, including tools, approaches and counter-intuitive insights.

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What participants say

“I will always remember it as a milestone in my career.”

“Fantastic event. One of the most helpful programs I have done! It is a comprehensive general management program. It helped me clarify my priorities.”

“I couldn’t imagine a better support. It was very unique, very professional, so well structured, the perfect mix of lecture and interactions.”

“The program is well done, very intense, refreshing, I am impressed by the real commitment. It was deep, sincere. That’s not common.”

Program details

The goal of the program is for participants to walk away with the following:

Have more impact

• Find “hidden” value creation opportunities that previous leaders may have missed

• Gain clarity as to where and how to spend time to make the biggest difference across multiple priorities that need to be managed simultaneously

Implement faster

• Get the right team members in place and build them into a high-performing, high-trust team

• Create buy-in and energy for execution broadly as a result of the co-creative process employed to set direction

Make change sustainable

• Quickly and methodically understand the organizational culture and prioritize needed mindset and behavior shifts

• Make change happen at scale without overloading the organization with initiatives

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Executive Transitions Master Class

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Executive Transitions Master Class

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