Helping clients tackle their most pressing challenges

Custom Solutions are highly customized programs designed to address an organization's unique business challenges, such as a change in strategy or major restructuring. They draw from Executive Programs and Functional Academies, as well as a broad range of diagnostic assessments, leadership models and bespoke curriculum.

Examples of our custom projects

Digital Transformation

We helped a Big Four US telecom provider transform to become the market leader in digital and supported their overall organization capability-building for transformation.

Major Merger/Acquisition

We helped a merger of two insurance providers align on a unified vision, goals and management practices.


We helped a top ten pharmaceutical company overcome organizational rejection of centralized manufacturing.

Continuous Improvement

We helped a major utility increase customer affordability, safety and organizational health all at the same time by instilling continuous improvement capabilities across the entire company.

Agile Culture

We helped a global device manufacturer build an innovative, agile and purpose-driven culture in order to pivot from a product to a solutions orientation.


We helped an advanced industries company re-skill its global marketing team to support a strategic pivot from industrial products to software.

Our Impact

Reorienting a culture from products to solutions

A device manufacturer with a product-focused sales strategy faced increasing price pressure from competitors. The CEO wanted to shift toward developing cross-product solutions that solved critical customer problems.

However, this required all employees to change the way they work. They needed to reach across functions to design, sell and deliver bundles of products that had traditionally been managed largely in isolation of each other.

Starting with the board of directors and the C-suite, McKinsey Academy led a series of intensive, in-person workshops with the company’s top 250 leaders. Participants discussed and debated implications of the new strategy. They worked in cross-functional teams to identify opportunities to better meet customer needs. Most important, they cascaded the model to the next 1,200 employees, supported by McKinsey Academy’s digital learning platform.

Retooling for growth in a competitive landscape increasingly dominated by software, connectivity and data

A large advanced industrials company was looking to drive significant organic growth by building capabilities to promote their traditional line of industrial products and introducing innovative software.

However, employees across the organization had inconsistent or insufficient skills and capabilities to design, develop, market and sell innovation. An existing in-person training program was high-touch and leveraged outdated knowledge. Company leaders wanted to create a scalable, best-in-class fully digital learning experience that would build the commercial excellence skills required to enable organic growth.

McKinsey Academy designed and implemented a Commercial Excellence Program that defined standardized project journeys, enabled by self-paced digital learning. All participants went through a core set of modules, then were assigned to one or more of six business problem pathways based on the needs of their projects and roles. This global program trains up to 1,500 leaders annually with a goal to build core capabilities that accelerate strategic goals.

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