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Black Executive Leadership Program

Paving the way to the C-suite for senior executives
Designed for senior executives looking to ascend to C-suite roles, this program focuses on building the leadership capabilities and network that distinguish successful executives to help them achieve the next critical step in their careers. This program is for senior executives who are currently one to two levels below the C-suite (reporting to a top team member, but not typically directly to the CEO) or high-potential senior leaders on track to a C-level role.

Without a doubt, the most powerful experiences I can recall. The ability to engage, connect and share the deepest stories is where we are drawing the power from each other.

— Healthcare leader

Timing and delivery

Participants will learn through a variety of formats (all virtual in 2020) including plenary and small-group-based discussions. The time commitment is 18 hours, over three months.

Learning objectives

  • Strengthen the skills required for effective leadership, proven through decades of research.
  • Develop the skills needed to drive transformational change to succeed in today’s environment.
  • Learn the skills, behaviors, and mindsets executives need to communicate their purpose and aspirations, and build the connections needed to achieve them.

Sponsorship and networking

  • Build a broader network with other fellow Black senior executives and benefit from ongoing program alumni connectivity.
  • Deepen relationship with a key sponsor from your own organization who is designated as your 1:1 coach during program.
  • Join the McKinsey ecosystem of webinars, roundtables, and other executive events.

95% recommendation rate

The program is based on McKinsey’s Executive Leadership Program. It is tailored to the unique experience of Black leaders.

Connect with Black Leadership Academy

Our Black Leadership Academy program is designed for cohorts of individuals through their organization; it is not designed to be accessed directly by individuals. If you are inquiring on behalf of your organization or are already enrolled in Black Leadership Academy, please contact us.