Through proprietary research and numerous client engagements, we have developed an evidence-based perspective on the critical activities required for change management and systematic execution. These critical activities are modularized into ten Impact Essentials.

Critical activities modularized into ten Impact Essentials
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Set the direction

Commit to full potential

Identify and align on performance and health aspiration

Create conviction

Engage all employees with a compelling change story and communications plan

Drive execution

Ideate and scale initiatives

Design initiatives as part of a scalable, executable plan to achieve the performance and health aspiration

Lock in change

Design tools, technology, processes, and operating model to support change

Launch transformation infrastructure

Stand up governance and performance management system to orchestrate impact

Activate the organization

Lead by example

Build ability of senior leaders to role model the change

(Re)deploy talent

Position the right talent in critical roles to drive value

(Re)invest in capabilities

Build and refine leadership, functional, and executional skills

Activate influencers

Use formal and informal change agents to catalyze the change

Reward individuals

Establish financial and non-financial incentives to help achieve outcomes

The ten Impact Essentials

McKinsey partner Liz McNally walks through the Impact Essentials and explains why they are critical for successful transformations.

Execution Assessment

The Execution Assessment is our proprietary tool to help clients judge their readiness for transformation in these critical elements.

Key benefits of the Execution Assessment include:

  • fostering alignment among the leaders of the transformation by prompting discussion on the elements that will make it successful
  • providing a robust fact base on pain points across the ten critical elements
  • helping to shape the transformation and making critical changes to the approach by engaging teams in the process

The Execution Assessment

McKinsey partner Liz McNally provides a brief overview of the Execution Assessment and how it can benefit clients at the beginning of the transformation journey and throughout its course.

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