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Journey analytics
From assessment and design to predictions and monitoring performance, Journey Analytics helps organizations create customer journeys that deliver impact


Today’s customers interact with companies more frequently, across more channels, and with higher expectations for the overall experience. This new complexity presents challenges for companies—and opportunities for those who get it right.

Journey Analytics helps companies succeed by considering customer interactions as end-to-end journeys rather than isolated transactions. To map them, it comprehensively analyzes data across customers, channels, and touchpoints. Journey Analytics not only identifies what is and isn’t working but also defines capabilities and best practices to reinvent both individual touchpoints and the end-to-end journey.


growth in customer satisfaction


reduction in cost-to-serve


reduction in churn


Journey Analytics assesses customer journeys, identifies and predicts actions to improve customer experience, and helps companies to redesign journeys that will deliver impact. Journey Analytics:

  • offers a unique analytics platform, Argon-X, which has tracked 350 million journeys and 5.3 billion individual touchpoints from more than 15 types of customer, product, digital, traditional, and unstructured data sources
  • scans, designs, and builds optimal customer journeys by connecting billions of interaction data points with customer emotion, product, and transaction information
  • applies deep learning and advanced analytics to predict customer behavior, reveal cross-channel insights, and prescribe actions for better customer experience at scale
  • builds lasting capabilities to continually transform and refine customer experience—from strategy to insight, design, and implementation—supported by experts


Journey Diagnostics

Benchmark your current customer experience capabilities, quantify the importance of each customer journey, benchmark performance by journey, and calculate the expected financial value of your transformation program

Journey Systems

Measure impact and drive change through journey-based experience management systems. Our systems are designed to support both the journey redesign teams and the centralized customer experience team throughout the transformation program.

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