Build the capability of your people to understand the importance—and drivers—of best-in-class customer experience and teach them the tools to design, scale, support, and maintain your CX improvements.

Companies looking to substantially improve their customer experience face a number of challenges: their current systems often focus on touchpoints instead of assessing the end-to-end customer experience, and their systems don’t provide insights that enable immediate responses to customer feedback.

Experience Essentials solutions allow clients to design the system in co-creation workshops with each user group, implement the required technology, and instill a cultural mindset shift through new processes and learning programs.

Using this approach, organizations are able to track real-time performance improvements, transform the way they respond to customer feedback, and engage frontline teams in identifying opportunities for improvements.


revenue growth


reduction in churn


uplift in customer conversion

Experience Essentials Solutions

Journey Pilot. Allows journey redesign teams to track impact as they launch new capabilities to improve customer journeys.

System Design. Provides executives with an end-to-end system blueprint that defines the business requirements for the new system as well as the new capabilities and processes needed to maximize the impact of the system.

Journey System. Is the end-to-end design and deployment of a new system that collects, analyzes, reports, and enables follow-up on customer feedback.


Experience Accelerator

Assess the current adoption of customer experience, quantify the link of customer experience to business value, benchmark satisfaction performance by customer journey, identify what matters most within the journey, prioritize customer journeys for redesign, and develop a roadmap for CX transformation.

Experience DNA

A data and analytics platform to maximize the value of customer experience management and design.

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