Assess the current adoption of customer experience, quantify the link of customer experience to business value, benchmark satisfaction performance by customer journey, identify what matters most within the journey, prioritize customer journeys for redesign, and develop a roadmap for CX transformation.

Companies looking to improve their customer experience often lack a systematic way to assess their current capabilities, prioritize what matters most to customers, or quantify the potential financial value of customer experience improvements.

Experience Accelerator uses proprietary research and analytics to provide the critical insights needed to create a comprehensive transformation road map that maximizes financial impact.


revenue growth


reduction in churn


uplift in customer conversion

Experience Accelerator Solutions

Maturity Assessment. Benchmark your organization against comparable companies across the six different hallmarks of customer experience leaders.

Journey Pulse. Quantify the importance and performance of each customer journey and review the results in an interactive dashboard.

Impact Calculator. Quantify the expected financial impact of a customer experience transformation across value pools such as customer retention, customer acquisition, and cross-sell or upsell.


Experience DNA

A data and analytics platform to maximize the value of customer experience management and design.

Experience Essentials

Build the capability of your people to understand the importance—and drivers—of best-in-class customer experience and teach them the tools to design, scale, support, and maintain your CX improvements.

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