Customer Experience Solutions

Enhance the customer experience end-to-end and deliver journeys that capture impact across every channel

Today’s customers are increasingly sophisticated and expect a seamless and well-designed customer experience across all channels and experiences. However, most organizations track the performance of only individual touchpoints rather than the end-to-end customer journey.

Customer Experience Solutions help companies measure the impact of their customer experience transformation programs though benchmarking, system redesign, and capability building. We help companies improve their most important journeys and address customer feedback in real time, transforming the entire customer experience across segments, channels, and touchpoints.


return on sales


percentage points excess profitability


percentage points excess total shareholder return


Journey Diagnostics

Benchmark your current customer experience capabilities, quantify the importance of each customer journey, benchmark performance by journey, and calculate the expected financial value of your transformation program

Journey Analytics

From assessment and design to predictions and monitoring performance, Journey Analytics helps organizations create customer journeys that deliver impact

Journey Systems

Measure impact and drive change through journey-based experience management systems. Our systems are designed to support both the journey redesign teams and the centralized customer experience team throughout the transformation program.

Our Impact

Powering a customer -experience transformation for a leading bank

– Customer Experience Solutions accelerates impact by integrating analytics and technology into the customer experience redesign efforts

Turbocharging customer-experience improvements

– Customer Experience Solutions help accelerate customer experience transformation at a leading public utility

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