2020 Holiday Season: Navigating shopper behaviors in the pandemic

The crisis has widened consumer appetite for choice and introduced unexpected shifts in consumer behavior—this year’s holiday shopping is up for grabs.

More than 60 percent of global consumers have changed their shopping habits, and they intend to stick with them.

Consumers around the world exhibit a spectrum of purchasing loyalty.
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This new report compiled by Periscope by McKinsey showcases the key trends that will impact the 2020 holiday shopping season. The survey asked over 3500 holiday shoppers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and China to provide insights into which big moments will really matter. This analysis highlights the six key trends that are shaping this year’s holiday season:

  • Deal hunting days during blockbuster days dominates
  • A peak in digital and omnichannel
  • The big loyalty challenge
  • Health and safety are top of mind
  • Expansion of Black Friday
  • An early shopping season

Tamara Charm is a senior expert in McKinsey’s Boston office; Jesko Perrey is a senior partner in the Düsseldorf office; Felix Poh is a partner in the Shanghai office; and Brian Ruwadi is a senior partner in the Cleveland office.

The authors wish to thank Arun Arora, Becca Coggins, Brian Elliott, Eric Hazan, Jan-Christoph Koestring, Sajal Kohli, and Kelsey Robinson for their contributions to this article.

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