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Survey: US consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

American consumers are still optimistic about the economy, but they’re already reporting changes in their income, spending, and behavior.

As governments and organizations continue to work toward containing COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and stem the growing humanitarian toll it is exacting, the economic effects—at the macro and sector levels, as well as on employment—are also beginning to be felt. Here, we will be tracking consumer sentiment to gauge how people’s expectations, incomes, spending, and behaviors change throughout the crisis. The interactive below is based on US survey data collected March 20-22, 2020. Please check back regularly for updates.

About the author(s)

The contributors to the development and analysis of this survey include Shruti Bhargava, a senior expert in McKinsey’s Philadelphia office; Tamara Charm, a senior expert in the Boston office; and Sebastian Pflumm and Kelsey Robinson, a consultant and partner, respectively, in the San Francisco office.

They wish to thank Michelle Fradin, Courtney Buzzell, and Resil Das for their contributions to this work.

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