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A few articles that made us think.
Harvard Business Review

Managers Aren’t Doing Enough to Train Employees for the Future

– New survey shows that workers are least satisfied by training and development in their organizations.

The “mom-on-demand” economy is indulging our inner lazy teenager

– What the impact of the on-demand economy is doing ... or what it might be doing.
Financial Times

Esports: Is the gaming business ready to come of age?

– The next big entertainment force may already be here.
Fast Company

This atlas maps how driverless cars may change the world

– Data-driven initiatives are re-shaping cities.
The Atlantic

How pop-ups went corporate

– Interesting overview of why pop-ups are enduring.

Solve these tough data problems and watch job offers roll in

– Gamifying data talent introduces an interesting dynamic to the war for talent.
Fast Company

Working with creatives: A short guide for everyone else

– With design skills and creativity in demand, a useful primer on how to get along.
MITSloan Management Review

Turning strategy into results

– A new call for “complexity translators” to turn complex strategies into simplebut clearactivities.
Wall Street Journal

Drug makers find new profit formula: Take generics, add marketing

– Branding and marketing take center stage in creative growth strategy.
Harvard Business Review

All Management Is Change Management

– What happens if every leader has to be a change manager?
Fast Company

Rediscovering history’s lost first female video game designer

– Timely and fascinating story.
Harvard Business Review

Why are startup founders so bad at changing their own companies?

– Interesting lessons here about what it takes to drive change.
Fast Company

Want a design-led company? Hire “people who are insanely curious”

– This interview with start-up leader highlights how design and curiosity are inextricably linked.

The future of the marketing platform ecosystem is now

– An inside look at how one business is navigating the marketing ecosystem.