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Growth transformation: Delivering on a diversified set of e-commerce growth strategies

– Successful marketers shift strategies and roles to develop the technology, capabilities, and mind-set for growth.

Creativity’s bottom line: How winning companies turn creativity into business value and growth

– Top-performing companies use four key management practices to turn creativity into value.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Landing the megadeal: Seven keys to closing big sales that make money

– Your salesforce needs help to remain objective, build trust, get the price right, and keep selling until the deal is done.

Discussions on digital: The new world of marketing

– Silicon Valley leaders discuss the challenge on every marketer’s mind: how much to spend on digital marketing—and... where to spend it.

Presentation: “Haves” and “have-mores”: the accelerating digitization of the US economy

– Digitization is penetrating every aspect of business, and creating significant challenges and opportunities across almost every... sector, according to latest McKinsey Global Institute report.

Infographic: The five components of digital marketing operations

– Successful digital marketing has five components. Companies that master them all can beat out their competitors.

An inside view: Turning pricing into long-term value

– How one company successfully changed its culture to better use data for pricing—and profit.

Case study: Turning pricing complexity into a price advantage that boosts return on sales

– How to price for maximal returns with minimal investment of time, effort, and resources.

Four mantras for sales success in Asia

– How companies entering the Asian market can break through the “last mile”—distribution and channel management.

How CMOs and CROs can be allies

– Advanced analytics and the need to engage customers are revealing ways that CMOs and Chief Risk Officers can work better together.

Pricing’s secret weapon: a well-trained sales force

– Successful companies empower their sales force with tools and capabilities to get better prices. Here’s how they do it.