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Using Analytics to Fuel Your Sales Engine

Join us on Tuesday, November 12 at 10am ET for an interactive webinar on how to unlock growth through the power of analytics.

B2B leaders increasingly recognize analytics are a critical business driver, especially when they look across the aisle at peers in B2C organizations that are further ahead in the journey. But one of the most common questions commercial leaders across B2B organizations ask is, “How do I leverage the power of analytics to drive growth in my business?”

The good news is there are a group of pace-setters in B2B that have embraced the power of commercial analytics and have proven the model and impact potential – up to 5-10% incremental revenue growth. Based on the lessons learned from these leaders, there is now a clear recipe to follow. This includes the obvious ingredients such as having the right c-level alignment on the strategic vision, building great analytics teams and models and the “not so obvious” ingredients including worrying less about having the perfect data, and more on making sure you get “last mile” execution with the field.

Led by McKinsey experts Ryan Gavin, Wilson McCrory, and Sinem Hostetter, this interactive webinar will help you get started in your analytics journey or accelerate your impact by sharing success stories and tactical examples of how other B2B companies unlocked growth through analytics. Attendees can expect to learn more about:

  • New way to think about customer life time value
  • Details behind the “recipe”
  • Lessons learnt from other companies
  • Case examples of different companies who have driven growth through:
  • Improving lead generation quality
  • Increasing share of wallet with the existing customers
  • Reducing churn




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About the presenters

Partner, Charlotte

Wilson McCrory

Wilson is a Partner in McKinsey’s Charlotte office and is the leader of McKinsey’s B2B Commercial Analytics practice. He focuses on helping clients with their growth agenda through a combination of strategic and commercial levers. Wilson primarily works with clients in the industrials and distribution industries.
Partner, Atlanta

Ryan Gavin

Ryan is a partner in McKinsey’s Atlanta office where his work focuses primarily on helping clients accelerate growth. He has served clients across industries, including multiple distributors, logistics providers, and manufacturers. As a leader in McKinsey’s North America transportation and logistics group, Ryan’s work often includes growth in decentralized organizations.
Senior Knowledge Expert, Chicago

Sinem Hostetter

Sinem Hostetter is a Senior Expert based in McKinsey’s Chicago office. She helps leading B2B companies in North America and Europe with their sales force transformations. Her recent client work has focused on commercial analytics, sales organization re-design, sales force effectiveness, channel management and go-to-market strategy and sales capability building.