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The Marketing Navigator

McKinsey’s Marketing Navigator translates complex marketing return-on-investment (ROI) data into simple visualizations to help marketers make better decisions.

Designed to work with any existing data environment, this powerful web-based application eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools by integrating proven approaches into a single set of interactions. An easy-to-use interface turns complex calculations into simple data visualization to help compare marketing-spend scenarios against a broader strategy, capturing both big picture and granular insights.

The Marketing Navigator breaks down the marketing process into four areas:

  • Portfolio allocation: Weighs marketing investments against overall strategy, and provides recommendations on how to allocate investment across geographies and brands
  • Messaging: Measures brand strength and loyalty across brands and provides comparisons to competitors in order to target messages to consumers
  • Spend mix: Recommends the optimum blend of communications channels to achieve the best short- and long-term sales impact as well as maximize ROI
  • Campaign deployment: Provides estimates of campaign performance for the short- and long-term, and provides feedback about how best to spread the marketing spend over time

The Marketing Navigator provides a step-by-step process to guide the user.

The Marketing Navigator provides a step-by-step process to guide the user. The focus is on “learning by doing,” with simple, user-friendly menus that radically cut back on the time needed for training. Multiple users can log-in and simultaneously work on various aspects of their plans and budget allocations.

The Marketing Navigator combines the best attributes of today’s proven models:

  • econometric models (for example, “Marketing Mix Models”)
  • pragmatic models based on rules (for example, McKinsey’s “Reach Cost Quality” method)
  • methods based on deriving consumer insights (for example, the “Customer Decision Journey”)
  • attribution method

This approach eliminates the need to rely on any one method and allows you to bring the most effective capabilities to bear on a marketing issue. Beyond analytics, the solution incorporates learning from more than 10 years of McKinsey experience helping clients assess MROI and practical insights based on real-world situations.