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Jul 06 2020

TechforGood: deploying tech to advance social good

3:00 PM

While tech in itself is neither good nor bad, it can be a great channel for good if we choose it to be. Positive tech-enabled use-cases are already being realized across key dimensions of social well-being, and the ‘TechforGood’ movement is growing globally. We are hosting a private client webcast on the topic – aimed at showcasing some concrete successes across the public and private sector, and surfacing key questions for CXOs to consider, including how best to embed TechforGood in their corporate strategy and purpose.


Eric Hazan (Senior Partner, Paris)
Hamza Khan (Partner, London)
Martin Hirt (Senior Partner, Taipei)

Guest speakers

Adnène Trojette (Advisor for the Digital Sector, French Presidency)
Gerard Grech (Chief Executive, Tech Nation)
Alex Stephany (CEO, Beam, Winner Best Social Entrepreneur in the UK 2019)

Jul 07 2020

Brand perspectives on esports: The new frontier for sponsorships

9 AM to 10 AM CET

Esports is a global sports phenomenon and a fast growing business segment that has generated more than USD1 billion in revenues. Despite being relatively new, the segment is already competing with traditional sports in areas such as prize pools, viewership, and fan monetization – and it proved to have a much higher level of resilience than other sports during the COVID-19 crisis. Together with Rodrigo Samwell, CMO of ESL Gaming, McKinsey consultants will discuss why brands should look into esports, how they can best engage the segment, and what to consider before embarking on the esports “journey.”


Sascha Lehmann - Partner, McKinsey & Company
Oliver Gediehn - Expert Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Guest speakers

Rodrigo Samwell - Chief Marketing Officer, ESL Gaming

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