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Leadership at Scale: Better Leadership, Better Results

Leadership at Scale provides leaders with the systematic and fact-based leadership development approach they need to... unlock organizational performance in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Leadership development as a competitive advantage

– Talent should be part of every conversation in an organization, says the CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Group.
Commentary - McKinsey Quarterly

Putting lifelong learning on the CEO agenda

– In an open letter to business leaders, a Harvard Business School professor and a learning engineer at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative... present an emphatic case to make learning a corporate priority.
Artigo - McKinsey Quarterly

O que falta para o desenvolvimento de lideranças?

– São poucas as iniciativas que de fato contam, e todas exigem atenção dos CEOs

When Execution Isn’t Enough: Decoding Inspirational Leadership

– The definition of great leadership, backed by ground-breaking research.
Artigo - McKinsey Quarterly

Aprender na velocidade dos negócios

– O que digital significa para a próxima geração de academicos corporativos.
Artigo - McKinsey Quarterly

Líderes empresariais - Liderança sob observação

– Saúde organizacional importa - mais do que você imagina.
Artigo - McKinsey Quarterly

Agilidade: rima com estabilidade

– Empresas podem se tornar mais ágeis através da estabilidade.

The science of organizational transformations

– New survey results find that the most effective transformation initiatives draw upon four key actions to change mind-sets and... behaviors.

Experiential learning: What’s missing in most change programs

– Successful transformations demand new capabilities. To build them, experiential learning leverages the intimate link between knowledge... and experience.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How to separate learning myths from reality

– Misconceptions about the brain are embedded in corporate training programs and could be sabotaging their effectiveness. Companies... should reevaluate them in light of the latest scientific insights.
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