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When Execution Isn’t Enough: Decoding Inspirational Leadership

– The definition of great leadership, backed by ground-breaking research.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Leadership in context

– Organizational health matters more than you might expect.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Agility: It rhymes with stability

– Companies can become more agile by designing their organizations both to drive speed and create stability.

The science of organizational transformations

– New survey results find that the most effective transformation initiatives draw upon four key actions to change mind-sets and... behaviors.

Experiential learning: What’s missing in most change programs

– Successful transformations demand new capabilities. To build them, experiential learning leverages the intimate link between knowledge... and experience.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

How to separate learning myths from reality

– Misconceptions about the brain are embedded in corporate training programs and could be sabotaging their effectiveness. Companies... should reevaluate them in light of the latest scientific insights.

Changing change management

– Research tells us that most change efforts fail. Yet change methodologies are stuck in a predigital era. It’s high time... to start catching up.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

When to change how you lead

– It’s fashionable to say we live in fast-changing times. Does that mean leadership itself must change?
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Getting organizational redesign right

– Companies will better integrate their people, processes, and structures by following nine golden rules.

Ascending to the C-suite

– A new McKinsey survey finds that executives who move effectively into the C-suite are communicating priorities, valuing their... teams, spending time on culture, and understanding their unique leadership role.

How to beat the transformation odds

– Transformational change is still hard, according to a new survey. But a focus on communicating, leading by example, engaging employees,... and continuously improving can triple the odds of success.

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