Proprietary Diagnostics

Proprietary Diagnostics

Proprietary Diagnostics

A clear baseline for clients to measure their learning and development efforts.

Our Proprietary Diagnostic tools help clients assess their current learning and development efforts and identify opportunities for improvement. We then use this baseline to build the appropriate improvement programs and interventions. We support clients using the following tools:

Functional Capability Building Assessments (MCBA)

We help clients gain transparency on the strengths and skill gaps within their organizations. MCBA tools provide an actionable fact base of the existing capabilities across the whole spectrum of a functional organization. Individual assessments demonstrate the level of knowledge among team members to provide a basis for tailored learning journeys. These functional assessments are currently available for procurement, supply chain management, manufacturing, and consumer pricing.

Learning Effectiveness and Efficiency Diagnostic (LEED)

We help clients optimize existing learning and development programs by measuring (1) effectiveness (i.e., relevance to business objectives, personal development relevance, learning trajectory, delivery, and impact) and (2) efficiency (i.e., direct expenditure, time invested, utilization, and learning approach and infrastructure).

Leadership Behavior Report (LBR)

We support clients in identifying key leadership competency gaps in their organizations. We look closely at baseline behaviors, or behaviors that all leaders should exhibit, and situational behaviors, or behaviors that are appropriate based on the organization’s current overall health.

McKinsey Leadership 360 Assessment

We help clients assess individual leaders, including their ability to mobilize others, solve problems, build teams, and lead with integrity.

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