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Organizational Agility Forum

This interactive two day workshop is a unique opportunity for organizations on the verge or in the middle of an organizational re-design to discuss the latest thinking on this topic both with McKinsey experts and an exclusive group of peers.
Organizational Agility Forum

We know that less than a quarter of all organization-redesign efforts succeed. This program explores the “What” and the “How” of organization design to boost chances of successful reorganization. With today’s levels of uncertainty, ambiguity, volatility in the markets, and globalization it is becoming more and more critical to be agile and quickly respond to change and actually benefit from change. This is why OAF is not only geared towards making the organizational transformation successful but also includes cutting edge perspectives on how to build in that agility in the structure and operating model of the organization.

CXO-level executives explore the latest theories and best practices of agile organization design while they are challenged and encouraged by both our faculty and their peers to apply these learnings to their own organization. Exhibits, tools, and interactions in teams across organizations to share and learn from one another are focused on diving deep into how to make operating models more agile. This unique set up ensures attending business leaders will arrive at a concrete action plan for their organization.

What participants say

“I arrived a little confused on how to approach organization design in my business and left with a very clear plan that I am confident will be successful.”

“We’re all challenged with some of the same fundamental issues. And we’re all trying to figure out this space together—even though we’re at different levels of maturity. I’m looking forward to taking back the connections that I made here and keeping the learning going around the success stories and the pitfalls.”

“Two full days of inspiration, fun, challenging solution seeking that will help us take the next step to really improve our operating model and address the issues that has hindered us for a long time to work as we aimed for.”

Program details

This program balances the exploration of the latest research and best practices with exercises and discussions among participants, their teams, and leaders of McKinsey’s global Organization Design service line. The Organizational Agility Forum explores:

Solving “the what of Organization Design” around four inherent paradoxes that can move companies from a rigid structure to an adaptive ecosystem, fit for a changing marketplace

1. Be both stable and dynamic at the same time
2. Change less by changing constantly
3. Move faster by engaging more people
4. Get control by giving up control

“The How” of Organization Design in 9 Golden Rules that help move us from a 23% average success rate of re-organizations to over 85%

1. Focus first on the longer-term strategic aspirations
2. Take time to survey the scene
3. Be structured about selecting the right blueprint
4. Go beyond lines and boxes
5. Be rigorous about drafting in talent
6. Identify the necessary mind-set shifts, and change those mind-sets
7. Establish metrics that measure short- and long-term success
8. Make sure business leaders communicate
9. Manage the transitional risks

Distinctive features

Interactive set up

During this program participants do not only get presented with the latest thinking on agile organization design but get to taste it, feel it, and interact with it. The goal of the program is to inspire the executives attending and ensure they spend dedicated time on their own future operating model being coached by McKinsey experts.

Peer-to-peer learning

CXO-level executives from a variety of industries but facing the same challenges come together to share experiences and exchange perspectives. As participants interact with the content of the program they immediately apply it to their own situation and discuss their progress with both peers and McKinsey experts.

Foundation of proven re-design process

Our program is based on a proven 5 step process following 9 golden rules that can improve the success rate of an organizational re-design to over 85%. This is the foundation of the program with all the tools and interactive sessions designed to help top executives to move through this process smoothly and arrive at a first design or sharpen their design of their future organization. Our time together is focused on getting this process right, understanding what it takes to be agile, how to build in agility into the organization, and meaningful discussions with peers and McKinsey experts. All leading up to a concrete output at the end of the two days.


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Organizational Agility Forum

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Organizational Agility Forum

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Organizational Agility Forum

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