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What participants say

“This is very unique, and enables people to really change something for themselves, and their personal and business environment.”

“Very well organized, super interesting people, great atmosphere.”

“Feeling energized, thankful, reflective and empowered.”

“Great job facilitating, the tools were great, and the mix of delivery (interactive, informal, videos) made it come to life.”

Program details

Sample agenda: Day 1

Positive Emotions

Seek out activities that give you a “kick”

• Identify activities that create positive emotions for you

• Develop the skill of Learned Optimism

• Learn to apply gratitude daily


Use your strengths to get you into a state of flow

• Identify and use your strengths to build resilience

• Minimize use of your weaknesses

Sample agenda: Day 2


Know there are other people who care about you

• Recognize that you control the depth of your relationships with other people

• Use empathy to build deeper relationships

• Become aware of the obvious and less obvious people who are there to support you


Feel that you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself

• Understand that giving meaning to any activity or event is within your control

• Learn to share your meaning and create energy in your organization


Celebrate your accomplishment

• Realize that it is you who defines what an achievement is in your life


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