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Executive Leadership Program

This invitation-only program for rising senior executives convenes professionals from the world’s leading companies to build their knowledge on the geopolitical trends that are shaping today’s business environment, sharpen their core leadership skills, and cultivate an exclusive global network of peers.
Executive Leadership Program

An invitation-only program that helps executives hone their strategic thinking and leadership skills to drive performance at their organizations.

Our approach

Digital proficiency

Learn to assess the impact of current and emerging technologies on your organization via hands-on demos, expert discussions, site visits and competitions.

Strategic thinking

Develop core strategic thinking skills and a disciplined approach to creativity through digital courses and experiential learning. Learn to identify and solve the problems that matter most.

Ability to lead

Enhance your ability to lead and inspire others and drive performance transformations via self-assessments, real-world fieldwork, peer-to-peer counseling, and one-on-one coaching.

Personal leadership

Build the personal self-mastery and leadership capability to energize and motivate others in performance transformation through self-assessments, coaching, mini boards, and digital courses.

Participant profile

High-potential executives on track to lead a business unit, functional area, or regional operating unit. Participants are nominated by their organization’s leaders in conjunction with their McKinsey client service team (CST). Clients are encouraged to nominate at least four participants from the organization to maximize organizational impact.

What participants say

“We truly were able to learn from and about each other. The connections felt very authentic, and the moderators were great.”

“The group work makes it real and helped us make progress on our real issue.”

“Getting cross-industry perspective was extremely interesting and useful.”

ELP 2017

Executive Leadership Program 2017

Chip Heath presents at the 2017 Executive Leadership Program in February, 2017.


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