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Digital Academy

Digital Academy is designed to address the key challenges that organizations face when building digital capabilities and talent internally.
Digital Academy
Companies are struggling to acquire and build digital talent and capabilities to effectively drive digital strategies, business models and transformations. Digital capabilities are challenging to build despite the urgency felt by many organizations. Digital Academy is a complete set of leadership and capability building programs and targeted interventions designed to build critical capabilities at all levels of an organization. It features a modular and immersive set of learning elements including: in-person workshops, catalog of online courses, go and see visits, hackathons, and simulations. The Digital Academy online course catalog features topics such as, What is Digital?, Agile 101, Intro to Design Thinking, and Intro to Digital Marketing(details below). Each course is 30-40 mins in duration. Because we only serve corporate clients, participants must be sponsored by their companies.

Program details


What is Digital?

Discover the major trends in Digital and how it creates value. Learn how to understand and articulate how digital disrupts business models.

Agile 101

Articulate the difference between agile and waterfall and the business value of agile. Learn the components of the scrum process, including team roles, cadence, and ceremonies.

Introduction to Design Thinking

Learn the theory and techniques behind design thinking, and reflect on how your organization might apply them. Analyze and articulate the design thinking process and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Introduction to Customer Insights

Relate the customer decision journey framework to different scenarios. Learn to apply best practices for leading customer interviews to develop meaningful personas.

Building an Aspirational Future State

Break down and analyze a customer journey using multiple techniques (e.g., empathy maps) and create a basic zero-based design using a customer mindset.

MVP Development

Articulate the value of building a minimum viable product over traditional product design. Create a feature map for the future state and learn techniques to prioritize features.

Digital Product Ownership

An introduction to Digital Marketing—learn how it creates value for today’s business models. Learn about fundamental tools such as product roadmaps, user stories, and acceptance criteria.


Engage in discussions about robotics (being familiar with its jargon) and begin to build a perspective on scope and impact. Identify the top 3 ways in which Robotics can be applied current and emerging trends and archetypes.

Blockchain Basics

Build a perspective on scope and timeline of Blockchain impact. Learn to understand how your organization can get involved in Blockchain advancement.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

In the digital era, marketers have never been under more pressure to drive growth and increase return on investment. The good news is you’ve never been better equipped to do so. More consumer digital engagement means more opportunities to connect with consumers.

Organizations attuned to digital marketing best practices can improve customer acquisition, retention, and overall customer experience. This course will help you understand the fundamental digital techniques to help your organization attract and retain customers. Ido Segev serves as faculty for the course.