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Unlocking leadership potential

Accelerating the transformation of organizations by unlocking the potential of their people.

How we help clients

Executive Programs

Unique, in-person programs for leaders from multiple organizations to learn from each other and our world-class faculty

Our Approach

1. Anchored in your business context

Ground learnings in practical day-to-day business context by linking to real world business leadership challenges.

2. Make it real

Tie the learning to the organizational and personal context of the people in the program; work on real business problems and projects that are relevant to their job and apply them back in the work environment (“field & forum”).

3. Go beyond skill building

Define critical required behavior changes and uncover what is getting in the way (e.g., underlying mindsets and root perspectives) to help people more permanently shift how they act at work.

4. Embed in the day-to-day

Provide in-depth follow-up to include feedback, coaching, senior counseling, and proven changes to the systems, processes and structures to inject the learning into your organization’s “DNA.”

5. Catalyze change through “blended” leadership journeys

Catalyze leadership growth by combining different modes of learning (in-person, fieldwork, digital) in a self-reinforcing sequence to deliver impact.

6. Put hard numbers on the ‘soft’ stuff

Tie learning objectives to specific behavior changes; baseline current behaviors and conduct regular “pulse checks” to gauge improvements over time.

Our impact

McKinsey on Leadership: A Case Study with Claudio Feser

McKinsey & Company Director Claudio Feser describes helping a finance client improve top team performance.

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