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About McKinsey Academy

To keep up with the ever-changing market, organizations across the world are transforming themselves. The success of transformational change depends, in large part, on embedding leadership and functional skills far deeper in organizations than ever before. Yet few organizations have cracked the code on how to align their people with the business change they seek. With technology and behavioral science, we see an opportunity to rethink corporate learning and professional development, make them measurable, and drive significant impact for the overall business.

The mission of McKinsey Academy is to accelerate transformations of individuals, companies and countries by unlocking the potential of people. We work closely with human resource and business leaders to reimagine their approach to developing leaders and building capabilities across an organization. Our combination of business and learning expertise uniquely positions us to support both private and public-sector clients. We develop programs that are:

  • Real. We understand the industry and business challenges our clients face. We tie practical experience into every program through case examples and distinctive field work that are based on real examples.
  • Substantive. We bring the best of McKinsey knowledge and content to our programs. This comes from decades of work with our clients on their most important challenges and billions of dollars spent on research.
  • Transformational. We know how to drive change at our clients. We address the whole system, combining deep personal transformation of leaders with applied business activities and change management.
  • Scientific. We base our interventions on behavioral economics and brain science. And we relentlessly measure our outcomes using a range of analytical techniques.
  • Innovative. Our state-of-the-art capabilities and assets include a world-class digital learning platform and hundreds of instructor-led and blended modules. Our team of experts, consultants, academics, and facilitators collaborate to develop multi-faceted learning experiences that yield results.
  • Proven. We take professional development seriously. We invest over $100 million annually in leadership development at our own firm. Our alumni network includes more than 350 CEOs of businesses valued over $1 billion.

How we help clients