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Ability to Execute: Building capabilities to navigate the challenge of our time
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Ability to Execute: Building capabilities to navigate the challenge of our time

At a time when the world is facing unprecedented pressures, organizations are looking for ways to rapidly equip leaders and teams with the capabilities to drive and sustain performance.

To help organizations address this extraordinary challenge, McKinsey’s Ability to Execute platform has created a new, complimentary capability-building COVID-19 edition of our Ability to Execute program to help companies and their people quickly build skills to navigate the COVID-19 crisis and the recovery.

Timely topics

Capabilities that matter

Essential skills that underpin high performance and help employees execute effectively in all contexts

Leadership in a crisis

Practical guides to help inspire teams to overcome unexpected challenges and lead during a crisis

Great remote working

Capabilities employees need to remain effective in a world of travel restrictions and lockdowns

How ability to execute works

The COVID-19 edition of our Ability to Execute program helps companies quickly build capabilities to adapt and thrive in an uncertain world.

  • Remote ready and easy to launch. Delivered virtually in eight languages with engaging, bite-sized modules
  • A low time commitment for employees. Learners set their own pace to complete 4.5 hours of online capability building over the course of 3 weeks
  • Offered without cost to the first 30 learners. This program offers a complimentary opportunity to support employee development

Proven track record

Capability gaps are among the most difficult and important challenges faced by leaders. Rooted in the latest thinking in behavioral science, Ability to Execute is a suite of programs designed to build capabilities that underpin successful businesses.








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Thank you for your interest in the COVID-19 edition of our Ability to Execute program, a virtual way to build essential mindsets and capabilities to navigate the pandemic and beyond. Please fill out the form below to express interest in McKinsey providing up to 30 employees at your organization complimentary access to the program.

Please note: Capacity for this offering is limited and completing this form does not guarantee access to the Ability to Execute program. McKinsey reserves the right to determine eligibility. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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