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Berlin Experience Studio

Located at Factory Berlin, inside Europe's foremost community of start-ups and innovators, the Berlin Experience Studio brings together the brightest talent and cutting-edge technologies to help redefine customer journeys, products, and entire business models.

Through simulation exercises, advanced technologies, and partnerships with cutting-edge start-ups, the Studio helps facilitate ways to engage in digital capability building and test and scale new solutions.

Impact story

An Internet of Things business is born

A leading telecom company was looking for growth opportunities and new revenue streams. We formed a team made up of members from the client and McKinsey to build an entirely new business—a consumer IoT platform, incubated inside the Berlin Experience Studio.

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Our Story

The Berlin Experience Studio is about innovation, ideation, exploration, and building and scaling new solutions. We want our clients to become digital enterprises at scale in disruptive times.

Our Location

Berlin - Experience Studio

Lohmühlenstr. 65
12435 Berlin

Contact Usühlenstr. 65 12435 Berlin Germany