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European consumer sentiment survey: How current events in Europe are shaping consumer behavior

– Even as COVID-19 lingers, European consumers are impacted by the conflict in Ukraine and perception of price increases.

Marketing to the multifaceted Black consumer

– To attract Black consumers, brands must demonstrate quality, social mission, and good value.

Survey: Australian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Australian consumers, in view of the omicron variant, are feeling less optimistic about economic recovery than last year and remain... cautious on spending.

Survey: Chinese consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Chinese consumers have grown less optimistic about the economy, likely due to recent outbreaks of the omicron variant.

Survey: Indian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Indian consumers’ optimism has remained high since October 2021 and has reached the highest levels across other Asian markets... since COVID-19 started.

Survey: Indonesian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Indonesian consumers remain optimistic on the economy, expecting higher incomes and spending. Many have tried and plan to keep... using digital services and omnichannel methods.

Survey: Japanese consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Japanese consumers’ behaviors and finances are gradually recovering to normal, though their responses indicate a slight... increase in pessimism.

Survey: Korean consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

– Most Korean consumers expect that normalcy will return to routines only after June 2022, yet there are signs of pre-COVID-19 routines... returning.

Taking the pulse of the US consumer

– According to the latest Consumer Pulse survey, people across America are changing their shopping behaviors—and will continue... to do so. Companies need to pay close attention.

Author Talks: “If you don’t understand … how are you going to help?”

– List-based marketing can go in one ear and out the other for consumers, which is why one Fortune 500 adviser says the best branding... combines empathy, connectedness, and good storytelling.

How the fashion industry can get into a metaverse mindset

– Shoppers, particularly those in Gen Z, are spending more time online and exploring the possibilities of the metaverse. Here’s... what fashion and luxury players need to know about this emerging frontier.
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