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Optimize your operations

Service Operations

We help companies across all sectors transform their service operations, from contact centers and back offices to branch operations and mobile workforces.

We have found that the fastest and most significant improvements occur when lean programs are supported with the right technology. McKinsey combines extensive experience in lean with substantial expertise in IT to bring clients the best of both. We have a portfolio of IT tools, many proprietary, which we use to conduct rapid assessments of the potential for improvement (typically in less than a week). We also help clients test new tools and process improvements in the field.

We implement high-impact solutions with our colleagues from Digital Labs or through relationships with best-of-breed vendors. Our commitment to testing and refining solutions before full rollout allows us to deliver high-quality solutions in a much shorter timeframe than traditional approaches allow.

Working closely with our clients we help achieve sustained improvements in productivity of 20 to 40 percent, along with a greatly improved customer experience.

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Transforming operations management for a digital world

– When combined, digital innovation and operations-management discipline boost organizations’ performance higher, faster, and to greater scale than has previously been possible.

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