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A reflection on global food security challenges amid the war in Ukraine and the early impact of climate change

– Geopolitical and climatic events are impacting the food system’s resilience. Here’s what happened this year, what may come next year, potential consequences, and considerations that may mitigate the impact.
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How climate action can help deliver EU energy security

– Governments can act now to accelerate the energy transition in Europe to both improve the continent’s long-term energy security and reduce emissions.

Global Energy Perspective 2022

– We're in the midst of an energy transition that continues to evolve.

Outsprinting the energy crisis

– High energy costs are hitting Europe’s industrial players hard. Bold action could protect margins today and make companies cleaner, stronger, and more profitable for the future.

Resilience: The whole-company fitness challenge

– To build resilience in volatile markets, most companies will need to change across the full span of their operations.

From good to great in digital: The opportunity for Belgian companies

– To build on their slim digital lead, Belgian companies need to improve in a few specific areas.

CBDC and stablecoins: Early coexistence on an uncertain road

– With the rapid rise in circulation of stablecoins over the past couple of years, central banks have stepped up efforts to explore their own stable digital currencies.

Global payments 2021: Transformation amid turbulent undercurrents

– The global payments sector is poised for a quick return to healthy growth, but the benefits will not flow evenly to all participants.

Pressure to decarbonize: Drivers of mine-side emissions

– As stakeholders pressure mining companies to reduce emissions, operations must monitor their environmental impact and ultimately move toward zero-carbon mining.

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Defining the skills citizens will need in the future world of work

– To future-proof citizens’ ability to work, they will require new skills—but which ones? A survey of 18,000 people... in 15 countries suggests those that governments may wish to prioritize.
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How to design our digital future?

– To meet consumers' expectations and create a thriving digital future, action needs to be taken.
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How can Belgian companies contribute to a more sustainable future?

– Even though we have advanced beyond the initial 1.5°-degree pathway conversations, many of the far-reaching implications still... aren't understood.

What’s next for digital consumers

– Consumers say they will spend less time in digital channels once the pandemic ends. Here’s what it means for companies.

Good to great: Boosting the efficiency of your TV spend

– Data holds the key to improving TV spend without sacrificing customer impact.

Net zero or bust: Beating the abatement cost curve for growth

– Companies can both decarbonize and boost long-term growth. But it means pushing beyond abatement curves’ focus on cost and... instead empowering people—while making a few big, strategic bets.

How agile can power frontline excellence

– An agile transformation can release the full potential of frontline staff, leading to more-satisfied, happier employees, lower... costs, and better overall performance.

Consolidating European steel: Strategic responses to industry challenges

– In light of the many structural and crisis-related challenges Europe’s steel manufacturers face, pursuing M&A strategies... will open up new opportunities.

Solving the KYC puzzle with straight-through processing

– Banks can become more efficient and effective in combating money laundering, while improving the experience of their customers... and employees.

Why investing in nature is key to climate mitigation

– A new consultation paper from McKinsey and the World Economic Forum explores the role that natural climate solutions can play... in helping to address climate change and the destruction of nature.

How digital and analytics can unlock full potential in steel

– Our recent survey of 30 leading global metals companies indicates there are five main factors to successfully scale digital and... analytics.
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