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Senior Analyst, Brussels

The variety of projects and locations helps us reach our potential.

What did you do before joining?

After graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering, I spent a few years building mathematical models to estimate electricity consumption and trading in energy at a steel company. Then I changed course and did an MBA, before spending a couple of years as a pricing expert at another consultancy.

What made you choose McKinsey?

The smartest, most interesting, and most entrepreneurial people I met all came from McKinsey. The variety of projects and locations we are exposed to helps us grow exponentially and reach our full potential.

What kind of people work here?

Naturally they are all high achievers, but they have a lot of empathy too. Ours is a multicultural office with people from all over the world, from a Chinese colleague with a PhD in advanced statistics to a Scottish ex-regional manager for a major global carmaker.

How difficult is it to achieve a good work-life balance?

Expectations are high and nothing but excellence will do, so working hours are longer than average, but they come in waves. If it’s 2 days before a deadline, I can expect to work late; in between projects, life is quieter. I find I can go out or play sport three times a week without any problem. And we can always work from home or another office if we have a sick child or a doctor’s appointment or something like that.

What has been your most memorable project?

While I’ve been working at McKinsey Solutions, one of my biggest challenges has been implementing our pricing tool, Periscope, at a global consumer-goods company. Not only did I have to learn about the business from scratch, but also I was working with very demanding senior-level clients. But I was on an amazing team that had no difficulty mixing work and fun, which made it a great experience all round.