McKinsey Scholarship and Internship programs

Please note that applications have now closed for the 2021 Internship programs. Applications will reopen in June 2022.

McKinsey would like to offer you an opportunity to apply for one of our diversity scholarship and internship programs. These opportunities have been designed to recognise talent and diversity from across Australia and New Zealand.

We believe in developing outstanding leaders who are passionate about creating impact. To support your personal and professional growth we are offering a number of internship opportunities, and for a select few, the opportunity to also receive a $20,000 scholarship.

We will offer the following internships and scholarships to students in their pre-penultimate and penultimate year of study:

  • Women's Internship & Scholarship for applicants who identify as female, in line with our commitment to supporting women build successful careers
  • Women in Digital Internship & Scholarship for applicants who identify as female with a focus on building a career in the digital space
  • QuantumBlack Internship for applicants who are interested in pursuing a career as a data scientist or data engineer
  • First Nations Internship & Scholarship (Consulting) for applicants who are interested in the consulting path and identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, Pasifika, or Māori
  • First Nations Internship (Business Services)for applicants who are interested in business services teams—such as human resources, finance, recruiting, executive administration, design, reputation, or external relations—and identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, Pasifika, or Māori

Students from a diverse range of experiences and degrees are welcome to apply. Each internship has different eligibility criteria, however all applicants must be an Australian Citizen/Permanent resident and currently residing in Australia or New Zealand. 

Coaching and mentorship will be an integral part of your development at McKinsey. Peers will give you feedback and partners will help you grow and plan the next several years of your career. To support your journey through the recruiting process, you will be assigned an interview buddy and invited to an interview case coaching workshop. You will also have the chance to connect with past scholarship and internship winners.


Women’s Internship & Scholarship

Digital Women’s Internship & Scholarship

QuantumBlack Data Engineer Internship

QuantumBlack Data Scientist Internship

First Nations Internship & Scholarship (Consulting)

First Nations Internship (Business Services)