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Matias Satz

A leader of our Transformations Practice in Latin America; has deep experience in retail and private equity


Matias is a partner in McKinsey’s Buenos Aires office and leads the firm’s Transformation Practice in the Latin American region. He has extensive experience in operations and corporate finance across several Latin American markets, and deep experience in retail and private equity.

Some of his recent client work includes the following:

  • restructuring for a retailer in Central America
  • restructuring of a leading consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) manufacturer in Central America and the Caribbean
  • restructuring of an integrated telecommunications carrier in Peru
  • guiding the turnaround of a CPG company—foods, household care, and oils and fats—in Central America and the Caribbean
  • performing a turnaround in operations for a leading car manufacturer.
  • restructuring of a mobile telecommunications group with operations in the United States and Latin America
  • assisting the network operations, deployment, and contractor management for an integrated telecommunications company in Argentina
  • guiding the turnaround strategy for a newspaper and media group
  • heading the marketing and operations turnaround of a leading diary producer in Argentina
  • identifying design-to-value and design-to-capture of significant cost-saving opportunities for an equipment manufacturer in Brazil
  • optimizing the portfolio and turnaround strategy of a conglomerate in Central America
  • aiding the regional integration of IT operations with a telecommunications operator
  • helping the regional organizational redesign of a landline operator
  • designing the strategic revision and turnaround of a recording and music distribution business in Brazil
  • guiding the definition and implementation of a turnaround strategy for a cable company
  • assisting the turnaround strategy and implementation for a medical-devices manufacturer in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Past Experience

Marketing manager

Commercial services

Ministry of Economy
Macroeconomy analyst


University of Buenos Aires
BS, economics

Harvard Business School