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Tiago Sousa

Partner, Luanda
Supports the development of large projects in various sectors—mainly energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, and pulp and paper—on strategy, capital-productivity, and operations issues

About Tiago

Tiago leads projects for McKinsey throughout Africa, Europe, and South America.

In the energy sector, he led the development of business plans for the construction and operationalization of multimillion-dollar projects in sub-Saharan Africa, involving the generation of hydro and biomass energy. He also supported the definition of the strategy and investment for a joint venture to reach the world market leadership in solar-power generation.

In oil and gas, Tiago has been leading projects for the construction and operation of high-complexity refineries, following all phases of development, from the structuring of the business case, the process of optimizing investment, and the reduction of construction times, to the definition of hiring strategies.

In addition, Tiago has supported the transformation processes of multinationals in the construction and pulp-and-paper sectors, focusing on improving the efficiency of operational functions across Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.


Columbia Business School

Instituto Superior Técnico
Bachelor in civil engineering