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Luis Cerqueira

Partner, Luanda
Leads the development of projects in banking and telecommunications sectors, focusing on strategy, transformations, and operational and commercial stimulation

About Luis

Luis he has worked throughout Africa, Europe, and Latin America, being headquartered in the Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offices from 2012 to 2017.

In the banking sector, Luis has led projects on organizational transformation and implementation of operational- and financial-restructuring processes, including strategy and recovery of credit portfolio for clients in the sub-Saharan Africa. He has headed a major cost-reduction program for a large European bank, among several other banking projects.

In telecommunications, Luis has led several marketing, sales, and digital-transformation programs for multinational organizations, supporting the redefinition of B2C offer portfolios for African and South American mobile operators. He has also supported the establishment of telecommunications operators through sales-stimulation and customer-retention programs, focused on resetting pricing and supply propositions.



University of Porto
BA, civil engineering