Pro bono engagements enable us to use our core skills and expertise to support organisations in our communities working for social good, including local charities, international NGOs, chambers of commerce, cultural, and academic organizations.
Education | Middle East

Education for Syrian refugees

We are working with Bridge International Academies and not-for-profits Basmeh & Zeitooneh and Vitol Foundation to deliver schooling to some of the 500,000 Syrian children who are refugees in neighboring Lebanon. We have developed a tailored curriculum that can be delivered by teachers using robust, low-cost tablets.
Habitat for Humanity
Housing | North America

Habitat for Humanity

Over the past four years, we have supported Chicagoland Habitat for Humanity in their work to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. We helped the organisation develop its growth strategy to serve more individuals and families across the region by 2020. McKinsey colleagues (pictured) volunteered side-by-side with Habitat homeowners to build their own homes.
Education | Global


We helped Facebook launch TechPrep, a website for parents, guardians, and learners who want to understand more about computer science and programming. The platform also aims to attract groups which are currently underrepresented in the sector, including girls, African Americans, and Latinos.
Malala Yousafzai
Education | Asia

Malala Fund

Malala Yousafzai’s campaign for girls’ right to education has attracted global support and won her recognition as the youngest-ever Nobel prize laureate. We helped her set up the Malala Fund, to make tangible improvements in the lives of girls in developing countries.
Education | Europe


Our Amsterdam office supported the creation of the leerKRACHT foundation which helps Dutch schools improve the quality of their teaching. By the end of 2015, the foundation was working with more than 350 schools across the Netherlands, and with 9,000 teachers and about 320,000 students.
Youth leadership | Asia


Tomodachi is a leadership-development program for young people affected by the 2011 tsunami, nuclear disaster, and earthquake in Tōhoku, Japan. We worked with Tomodachi to ensure the sustainability and growth of the program, which has already provided more than 10,000 young people with cross-cultural-exchange opportunities.
Young leaders in southeast asia
Youth leadership | Asia

Youth Leadership Academy Malaysia

McKinsey consultants in Malaysia who are passionate about the development of future leaders launched the Youth Leadership Academy. Local university students work in teams on social-entrepreneurship challenges while receiving training and mentorship build leadership skills to inspire others and drive change.
Diversity | Global

C-level-executive master classes for diversity

Our C-level-executive master classes help newly hired or promoted senior executives thrive in their new roles. We run master classes for underrepresented groups—including women, black and minority-ethnic, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender executives—to support the business community’s efforts to promote diversity throughout the workforce.
Carnegie Hall
Arts | North America

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is a unique concert venue setting the international standard for musical excellence. Using our Digital Quotient assessment, we helped Carnegie Hall to measure the maturity of its digital-management practices. Its concert webcasts now reach audiences in more than 150 countries and have been viewed nearly three million times.
Poverty reduction | Africa


Our office in Johannesburg supports Ikageng—a community organization that cares for orphaned and vulnerable children around Soweto by offering mentoring, life skills, and nutritional and educational programs. McKinsey colleagues play advisory and operational roles on a voluntary basis, and we offer opportunities to school leaders through the McKinsey Leadership Program.
Economic development | North America


McKinsey colleagues in Minneapolis helped establish and continue to support the Itasca project, through which leaders from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors work together to improve the economic and social health of their community. Itasca focuses on issues including transportation, education, and job growth in the city.