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Our social impact: an update

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McKinsey’s commitment to making a difference in society does not end with our work with clients. We also invest significant resources—including our skills, our people’s time, our knowledge, and our networks—to help address local and global challenges.
Our social impact report is an attempt to capture the spirit of our efforts—as a firm, in our offices and practices, and among our people—rather than a definitive, comprehensive account. The situations listed below are just five examples of these efforts. You can read more about these and other stories in the report.
Generation has trained more than 15,000 young adults.

Five things you might not know about McKinsey’s contribution to society

1. Generation has trained more than 15,000 young adults.

Generation, a nonprofit founded by McKinsey to address youth employment, has provided professional guidance to more than 15,000 young people.

Our social impact

2. We have supported more than 1,000 nonprofits in two years.

Over the past two years, McKinsey has supported more than 1,000 nonprofits in more than 130 cities around the world.
Social impact

3. We helped provide schooling to refugee children in Lebanon.

When the Syrian-refugee crisis broke, McKinsey volunteers helped deliver educational services to refugee children in Lebanon.

Social impact

4. Gender equality tops our most quoted reports.

Three of the five most quoted McKinsey research reports in 2016 were about gender equality.
Social impact

5. We helped reduce the spread of polio in Nigeria.

McKinsey teams worked with the government of Nigeria and its development partners to fight the spread of polio.

Social impact

Read more in our report

Download our report to read more about McKinsey’s social impact. The report contains stories organized around five themes: employment and skills, gender equality, sustainable planet, public health, and inclusive growth.