The change we pursue every day

These stories illustrate who we are and the difference we are making to organizations around the world on their toughest issues.

Bringing innovations to market that have created thousands of jobs

What does it take to help a new business take off?

We worked with a 175-year-old financial institution in North America to completely digitize banking for customers. With the goal of making design an integral part of the culture, the team partnered with HR to create and source talent for new roles like user experience designers, engineers, and data scientists.

A model factory preparing people for the future of work

Through a partnership with CAINTRA, the Monterrey-based industry transformation chamber, we have started a training factory with the sole purpose of reskilling industrial workers in Mexico—a country with the highest concentration of jobs that can be automated in North America.

Helping companies launch products that make everyday life better

Meet the McKinsey team helping banks get cash to people who need it

Two McKinsey business analysts created a forecasting tool to help banks in emerging markets track their cash in real time. Given the heavy reliance on cash in these economies, this helps ensure cash availability for people when they need it.

Meet Dexter, the McKinsey co-designed robot helping surgeons

McKinsey Design worked with Swiss start-up Distalmotion to design Dexter, an affordable advanced robotic system for minimally invasive surgery. This will enable more hospitals to incorporate an advanced tool that improves surgeon workflow and ergonomics and has the potential to enhance patient outcomes and experiences.

Helping businesses survive, restructure, and prosper in the face of unprecedented changes

An inside look at the McKinsey store revitalizing brick-and-mortar business

Through a partnership with Microsoft, Smartrac, Square, and Zebra, we created a new kind of “store” in Mall of America that gives retailers an innovative way to test the latest in-store technologies and learn how to create experiences that could ensure they remain competitive amid e-commerce growth.

Where the auto industry of today imagines the rides of tomorrow

The McKinsey Center for Future Mobility partnered with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering to create the Mobility Experience and Technology Lab in Stuttgart, Germany. It’s a space for anyone to collaborate and ideate new business models and innovation processes, test new mobility experiences, and bring them to market.

At these factories, robots are making jobs better for workers

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum, McKinsey identified 16 manufacturing companies that are highly advanced in their use of digital tech. The research aims to share insights and lessons with industry peers struggling to complete digitization experiments.

Helping governments deliver services that are more efficient and effective for taxpayers and citizens alike

How a city paved the way to a new low-carbon economy

We used our carbon-economics tool to help a major city reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond regulatory requirements. The city discovered that by using a combination of behavioral and technological measures, it might be able to abate 2.5 million tons of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) or more per year by 2030.

From gridlock to green light: making city transport work

We worked with a megacity of over 10 million people that was struggling with extreme traffic congestion. Through data analysis, we developed a transport model that helped the city define an actionable program to improve all key aspects of transport for its citizens.

Helping organizations cut costs and grow revenues

With design-to-value process, company innovates products, reduces costs

A manufacturer was developing a new forklift truck with the goal of minimizing its own costs and those of its customers. Through a design-to-value process, we helped them reduce manufacturing costs by 12 percent while also reducing the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

By rethinking packaging, a company reduces production costs while enhancing brand

We worked with a European consumer goods company to lower production costs. Through a product teardown, we discovered cost-savings opportunities through new packaging design while maintaining the brand image.