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Data & Analytics

SparkBeyond & McKinsey

Our collaboration

SparkBeyond’s AI problem-solving platforms exhaustively scan unstructured data, surface new insights, issues, and performance drivers, and formulate millions of actionable hypotheses in hours rather than months. Combined with McKinsey's sector expertise, this allows us to bring better and faster insights to our clients.

McKinsey has a minority equity stake in SparkBeyond

Client Impact

Identifying over $30 million in new revenue opportunities for a chemicals client

By reading more than 400 billion web pages, over 120 million patents, and over 100 million publications, we identified a list of more than 200 new applications and prioritize 30 innovation opportunities.

Delivering more than 90 percent demand forecasting accuracy for a North American consumer-goods client

With minimal data in the rapidly changing context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we built a highly accurate demand-forecasting model to ensure business continuity.

Reducing potential churn of over $35 million at a US B2B company

We analyzed both internal transaction data and external geospatial maps to identify over 20 million drivers and help the sales teams prioritize and address potential churn.

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