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As McKinsey’s data and analytics center of excellence, we enable clients and our teams to improve performance by using cutting-edge advanced analytics to make precise interventions with measurable results.

McKinsey acquired QuantumBlack in 2015.

Client Impact

Forecasting non-impact football injuries in the Premier League

By using objective modeling of medical markers and analysis of prior injury data, we improved the accuracy of forecasting non-impact injuries by 90 percent.

Transforming operations for a leading mining client through AI

By deploying QuantumBlack’s proprietary OptimusAI model and standing up an analytics organization that supports hiring and capability-building programs, we increased the production output by 20 percent across six sites—representing the equivalent of one additional mine.

Increasing in-store mortgage conversions for a retail bank

By identifying and monitoring 30 unique factors, including wait times, booking sources and advisor fragmentation, we helped achieve a 20 percent improvement in conversion rates along the customer journey.

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