Caserta is a leading strategic technology consulting and implementation firm that specializes in all things data and analytics, including big data, modern data architecture and engineering, cloud migration, enterprise data governance, business intelligence, data visualization, advanced analytics, and machine learning. With a reputation for creating bold, state-of-the-art solutions, we help clients transform their organizations by and through their data.

McKinsey acquired Caserta in 2022.

Client Impact

Enhanced accuracy and transparency of royalty payments for a leading online streaming platform

By designing and building a custom solution that seamlessly ingests, conforms and manages more than 15 billion records from industry third-party record holders, we were able to deliver detailed reporting to verify the accuracy of royalty payments to both internal and external stakeholders, along with analytic capabilities that created significant efficiency gains for the client.

Migrated a U.S. financial services provider to cloud by creating a data lake

We created state-of-the-art analytic capabilities—leveraging the strengths of immutable object store technology, robust data management and data governance processes, and the power of ephemeral data science environments—to enable the client’s digital marketing initiatives. We helped the client embrace cloud through the implementation of a modern, cloud-native data lake and analytics platform. Our work resulted in $17.7 million of new credit lines in the first month of production and a projected minimum $5 million of net-new annual benefit from enhanced customer insights.

Created a modern data platform for an international commercial real estate client

We designed and built a scalable analytics platform to support high-volume, complex data ingestion patterns. Additionally, we developed an entity resolution engine to enable better analytical models and scoring, and implemented a data governance strategy to align data quality needs and create a searchable data catalog. The result was $10 million of revenue growth in information solutions by expanding data completeness, accuracy, and timeliness. Additionally, the optimized platform we provided reduced operating expenses by roughly $1.7 million and expanded property data availability by about 2,000 percent.

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