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At McKinsey, we have the best work and best team to help you grow and perform at your best—but don’t just take our word for it. Check out these inspiring stories from McKinsey New Ventures people around the world.

The possibilities within McKinsey are endless; it’s truly a firm where anyone who is passionate can find opportunity.


Product Manager
Tel Aviv

Roni has worked as an expert in organizational psychology, predictive analytics, and psychometrics. Drawn to New Ventures’ people and culture, she appreciates working on fascinating topics, deepening her analytics expertise, and having the flexibility to balance her life as a mom.

With McKinsey’s acquisition of VisualDoD … we have the opportunity to push our collective capacity to deliver more insight about defense issues, faster.


Solution General Manager
Washington DC

Mike founded VisualDoD, a leading defense market insights and analysis solution. Now as part of New Ventures’, he can harness the power of McKinsey to deliver even faster and more tailored insights to Aerospace & Defense clients.

Blog stories

The best work: Building one of McKinsey’s newest ventures

After launching two startups in Africa, Nancy won our New Ventures Competition. Her solution, DSCI by McKinsey, is now helping our small commercial insurance carrier clients via digital transformations.

At your best: Catching a Wave

Searching for an opportunity to build something new, Brussels-based Benoit returned to McKinsey after two years at sea. He now is following another personal passion, leading a global product team for New Ventures’ Wave solution.

The best team: A day in the [design] life

Design Lead, Lea shares how she is collaborating with inspiring industrial engineers, research scientists, and consultants at New Ventures to solve some of the world’s toughest problems—as part of McKinsey acquiree, Lunar.

The best team: Adventures in New Ventures for our returning entrepreneurs

We spotlight three McKinsey alumni who have rejoined us from technology companies and startups for newfound career opportunities at McKinsey New Ventures.

The best work: A petroleum engineer at McKinsey?

Marie, a London-based expert consultant with New Ventures’ PAX solution, shares the rewarding experience of traveling the world, and helping oil and gas operators save their businesses.

At your best: Developing technical skills through New Ventures

Akashdeep, a systems engineer and technologist in Gurgaon, India, highlights the rewarding work and mentorship he has had with New Ventures.

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