McKinsey and NVIDIA help industry leaders harness the power of generative AI

McKinsey is pleased to announce we are working with NVIDIA on a collaboration, enabled by our AI arm QuantumBlack, which is designed to empower enterprises with the transformative capabilities of generative AI. This relationship aims to help clients tap into the technology’s estimated $4 trillion productivity potential.

Generative AI is set to revolutionize industries by enabling organizations to rewire their businesses for lasting innovation. Leveraging the best organizational and technological capabilities, McKinsey is supporting leaders in harnessing the full value of generative AI.

Using NVIDIA technology, McKinsey has begun delivering impact for several clients. One notable example is a global leader in point-of-sale devices for retailers, which is undergoing a transformation into a digital retail solution provider with the support of McKinsey’s strategic consulting services and NVIDIA AI technology. They are developing AI-based solutions that optimize promotions through hyper-personalization.

The work is powered by NVIDIA Merlin, offered as part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software. Merlin is a GPU-accelerated framework for building high-performing recommender systems at scale. Leveraging the power of NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs and a transformer-based model, the technology marks a significant departure from conventional reliance on CPUs for handling complex data. Its constituent libraries, NVTabular and Transformers4Rec, are cutting-edge technologies that exemplify innovation and have the potential to revolutionize industries worldwide.

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McKinsey’s ecosystem of strategic alliances brings the power of generative AI to clients

McKinsey, meanwhile, is renowned as a strategic advisor to the world’s boldest leaders and for delivering lasting impact through its value-enhancing capabilities. The firm is uniquely positioned to leverage NVIDIA’s technology and deliver transformative solutions to clients.

In addition, through QuantumBlack, McKinsey has a proven track record of applying advanced analytics and AI to solve complex business challenges.

“We are thrilled to work with NVIDIA to bring the power of generative AI to our clients,” said Ben Ellencweig, senior partner at McKinsey and leader of QuantumBlack’s alliances and partnerships globally. “This collaboration allows us to combine McKinsey’s deep industry expertise and value-enhancing capabilities with NVIDIA’s leading-edge technology. Together, we can help our clients unlock the immense productivity potential of generative AI, estimated at $4 trillion.”

“The world’s enterprises know that AI is integral to the next industrial revolution, and need expert support to augment their operations with generative AI intelligence,” said Manuvir Das, vice president, Enterprise Computing, NVIDIA. “McKinsey’s consulting team can help businesses across industries quickly transform their opportunities with NVIDIA-powered AI.”

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