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The artifacts of our Black history: Colleagues on living the dreams of their fathers

In recognition of Black History Month, we asked some of our colleagues to share a special part of their own Black history through a favorite artifact or family heirloom.

In the fourth and final part of this series, we hear from McKinsey colleagues on how their fathers lives and accomplishments—commemorated in photographs and old newspaper clippings—have inspired their desire to create opportunity for others, take action for social justice, and live with courage and a love for their community.

ICYMI: See the first, second, and third part of the series.

On living the dreams of their fathers

Judson Johnson, director of client development, Washington, D.C.
Born in the Jim Crow South, Judson’s father fought abroad for his country’s freedom—even though he was denied those freedoms at home. His father’s life inspires Judson to provide opportunities for others.
Kristie Lazenberry, executive assistant, Minneapolis
Kristie says a violent act to the church across her childhood home—and her father’s heroic actions after—left a permanent impression on her soul. “I feel this desire to take action,” she says.