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McKinsey responses to New York Times series

McKinsey statement on New York Times article on MIO

February 19, 2019 – Today’s New York Times article about MIO Partners, Inc. – which manages retirement and after-tax funds for roughly 30,000 current and former McKinsey employees – is fundamentally misleading. Readers deserve the facts.

Statement on New York Times article on McKinsey and Boeing

December 31, 2018 – The article about McKinsey & Company posted on The New York Times’ website last night, revisits a matter that occurred 12 years ago, and which was previously covered by The Times in 2015. It gives an inaccurate impression of our firm’s practices. The Times is trying to make a story out of what we did not do. McKinsey never recommended our client engage in bribery or other illegal acts.

Statement on New York Times article on McKinsey work in Southeast Asia, China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East

December 16, 2018 – Yesterday’s New York Times article painted a misleading picture, one that selectively uses a handful of client engagements and one office retreat to fundamentally mischaracterize our firm’s presence in large parts of the world. In building their narrative, the reporters ignored or discounted facts that did not support their argument. They used innuendo and implied causality to build a deeply misleading account of how we operate.